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Yes you do have to spend money to save some, but I promise you, you can save a ton.

First let me say I’m not reselling cabinets to you at a higher price. If your looking to buy cabinets marked up 70% higher then the same price you and I could pay for them then take a look on Ebay, there’s a ton of them. If you want to pay even higher prices then shop at Home Depot or Lowe’s. What I charge you is a per cabinet fee based on what you buy. These fees cover time, transportation and storage. You can also get a pretty exact idea of what you will be spending on your cabinets.


Here a price list of what the cabinets cost: 

Please note the prices have been changing so I try to make sure I keep them updated as possible

Kraftmaid Wall Cabinets $90 – or less
Kraftmaid Base Cabinets $95 – or less
Pantry Cabinets range usually $80-$135

Bath Vanities under 48″ $95
Bath Vanities over 48″ $125

*Bath vanities will be individually priced. Above are general guidelines


Roll Out Trays $5-10

Moldings have been marked back down to $1 a board.

Individual cabinets may vary in price by being stickered. Management may sticker a cabinet individually by slapping a sticker and price on it that is different then the above.

Some prices might be higher or lower than normal prices.


Check to see all the colors and styles.


Full kitchen sets vary as well but here are some actual prices of sets at the sale, full sets usually average out to $100 to $200 per cabinet.
16 Honey Spice Maple Cabinets $2700
14 Cognac Maple Cabinets $1800
27 Honey Spice Cherry $5100
13 Irish Glaze Maple $1300
14 Ginger Glaze Maple $1900
13 Natural Cherry $2100
15 Honey Spice Birch $2900
18 Natural Cherry $3400
17 Ginger Glaze Maple $2600
21 Cabernet Cherry $3000

Buy the Shopping Guide.

Use the 

Click the Paypal button to order the guide. The guide is $13 and covers everything you need to know about shopping at the outlet. As soon as your purchase is complete you will be taken directly to the guide. 

Guide updated for 2021


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Shopping Fees

Shopping for You

$45 per trip to the sale
$35 per cabinet purchased for you. This covers time, storage and transportation.
$35 one time fee to shop for trim, kickboards and doors.
$35 one time fee to shop for rollout trays, trash and laundry bins
*fees may change based on large quantities of trim or extras purchased.

To give you an example I recently purchased a kitchen set at the sale for $2700 (see photo), 16 cabinets. It took roughly 3 trips to find the set my client wanted.
$2700 for the cabinets
$45 x 3 trips = $135
$35 x 16 cabinets = $560 

Total cost $3395. This client was quoted $15,000 for the same amount of cabinets from Home Depot.

Shopping With You
Another option is to hire me to shop with you at the sale. The total cost for this would be $300. This would cover me buying a ticket for you and I to go into the sale at the same time. I would meet you at the sale and walk through the entire process with you. This covers positioning in line, tagging sets, marking cabinets, pullings moldings, etc. 
Other Fees:

Say you make a trip to the sale but can’t transport everything home, for me to pick them up and store them until a later date is $35 per cabinet.

I don’t have cabinets in stock that you can choose from. The only cabinets that I store are ones that were purchased for clients. I do require payment for the cabinets prior to shopping, I don’t have enough money to purchase sets of kitchens and then still hope that someone will want to buy them later. Payment is accepted via personal check, that is the the fastest and easiest way to make a deposit. that usually clears in 3-4 days. 


after payment to be taken to the guide

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